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There are thousands upon thousands of mods for Skyrim. This is, after all, a game that has lasted 11 years and countless re-releases on nearly every available platform since it originally launched in 2011.

I’ve spent the past 5 months working on creating a modlist collection for nexusmod users that can be a one-stop shop for everything they could ever want or need to help improve their Skyrim VR experience.

This is my personal collection of hand-picked, tried-and-tested, finely curated mods that work wonderfully together to overhaul the game.

With that in mind, there were 3 major things I wanted to achieve with this collection.

  1. Gameplay & Immersion Enhancement -Skyrim VR in its vanilla form is fun, but definitely not up to the standard you would come to expect from a game released in 2017, let alone 2022. So began the search for a bunch of mods that would help enhance that aspect of the game -and some of the things I stumbled across are incredible. From VRIK and HIGGS which are basically staples of the VR experience now, allowing to have an actual virtual body, and physically interact with objects you find in the world, to other equally cool and exciting mods, from Weapon Throw to Spell Wheel, the mods in this category increase the immersion factor of the game by insane amounts and allow you to do things other games could only dream of, or indeed things that have been inspired by other VR Titles.
  2. Visual & Audio Overhaul -There are an overwhelming number of mods to improve the games graphics. From inns to lush forests, snowy fields and dark dungeons. From the NPC’s littered in towns and cities, to the creatures inhabiting caves, bandits in nearby forts and campsites, from weapons to armor to the clutter and objects you encounter in your journeys. From the lighting to the weather nearly everything you come across has a mod that improves, enhances or overhauls these things far beyond the scope available in the original release of Skyrim. But it’s not just Visual overhauls we have to consider, but audio as well. Adding things like binaural sound, an enhanced musical score, more spoken NPC lines, the hustle and bustle of a busy inn, the increased atmosphere from being in the middle of a forest and hearing birds chirping, wolves howling, bears growling menacingly, end even waterfalls -waterfalling -it all adds to the immersion of the game and compliments the improved graphics and gameplay so well.
  3. Performance -with all of that in mind, the final piece of the puzzle was performance. I needed to have something that was targeted to the mid-range audience, someone like me who doesn’t have the latest Nvidia 3000 series card with a Pimax 25k or whatever they’re up to now. I play on a pretty decent laptop admittedly, but it’s the desktop equivalent of a mid-range system at best, and that too with a Quest 2 which in itself is a fantastic HMD but not the greatest performance-wise and out of the box on a heavily modded Skyrim VR list. I think I managed to set out what I originally wanted to achieve -the lowest frametimes i could get, good refresh rates all-around with the absolute minimum amount of reprojection possible while still keeping the gameplay smooth, the audio crisp, and the graphics colourful. All this and there is still (on most mid-range setups) enough headroom leftover to allow you to install an enb if you want (High Fidelity ENB recommended) -and still the option to add CAS Sharpening or vrperfkit if you choose in order to squeeze out even more performance.

Now that we’ve gotten through the overview I’m gonna take a little bit more of your time to try to give you a rundown on most, if not all the mods in this list. Broken down into categories -let’s go!

VR Immersion & Gameplay

VRIK: A staple of any modlist, VRIK gives you a virtual body, complete with arms, hands, legs and feet. You also have weapon holsters so you can sheathe your swords to swap out spells etc. A wonderful concept fully realised, and a must-have.

HIGGS: Another foundation for modded Skyrim VR, HIGGS gives you gravity gloves that you can use to pull and hold objects. It really helps to complete the experience and fully immerse you in the world, letting you hold all those items and clutter you’ve been watching from a distance, up close and right in front of you.

Weapon Throw: Simple and does everything it says, let’s you throw tour weapon and then recall it back. Is probably one of the most satisfying things you can do in VR, and feels totally bad ass.

Pull Mastery/Grappling Hook: A simple mod that brings so much fun to traversing the world. You can equip either a grappling hook to launch yourself yo basically anywhere in the world or a retractable spear that pulls enemies to you. Yes it’s overpowered, yes it’s not polished but it is ridiculously fun!

Conduit: This mod let’s you apply your spell effects to your weapons. Works wonderfully and feels so damn cool launching tornadoes of flames at enemies, or throwing your weapon and watching it explode on impact.

Spell Wheel: Helps to reduce the time you spend in menus and give you access to your spells and weapons faster, spell wheel is another great addition that changes the way you play and helps to further immerse you into the world.

PLANCK: Recently released and still in the early stages -PLANCK brings Skyrim VR that much closer to a Blade & Sorcery experience -it allows you to physically interact with npc’s and they react in a physics driven way as well! You can pet animals, nudge, poke and slap people and when they get hit by spells and weapons they flinch and react much much more realistically. It really takes the game to the next level and is definitely going to be another must-have mod.

Spellsiphon: adds an entire layer to the spell system in Skyrim and is freaking cool to boot. It works perfectly in VR and is should have a permanent place in any load order.

Visual & Audio:

NPC’s & Player Overhaul

CBBE/CBPC/FNIS: CBBE is one of the 2 main body replaces you have at your disposal, and with Bodyslide basically let’s you customise npc body parts, CBPC adds “physics” and FNIS is the main tool that allows you to tweak/add animations. All are wonderful at their specific purpose and a definite requirement when it comes to modding Skyrim VR.

High Poly Head/Expressive faces -HPH gives heads more poly count allowing for finer details , the Expressive faces mods take advantage of this by allowing faces to be more….expressive when talking etc. A lot of the changes may seem subtle but definitely help to make the npc’s more believable when talking and showing emotions. Great mods and a hard requirement in this collection.

Dynamic Action Replacer: this makes it so NPC’S do more than just stand motionless when delivering dialogue, and let’s them play through animation s and express much better. Another mid that seems to be subtle but only because it fits so naturally into the game. It’s great and adds so much to NPC interaction.

Pride of Skyrim/Courageous Women of Skyrim -absolutely wonderful mods that don’t get enough attention -these 2 mods take advantage of HPH and change basically every npc in the game. The best part is even though they look so much better than their Vanilla counterparts they still stay extremely faithful to their original design -for the most part. Everyone looks like a HD remaster of their vanilla version, and that makes it super lore friendly.

Eekthie’s NPC’s -this pack is only for a few NPC’s but it does a wonderful job of making everyone look more realistic in the way that -people in general kinda have something a little “goofy” about them. And this mod author captures that in such a beautiful way. NOC’s look stunning because they look realistically beautiful, or weathered and worn, or wise, or like a mum. It’s hard to really describe but i definitely recommend this mod and author 100 times over. Absolutely wonderful addition to the collection and I can only hope for more NPC’s get added later on.

Cathedral Armor / Rustic Clothing: These mods help give armor, weapons, clothes a visual overhaul and are a delight with what they bring to the table.

Fluffworks: I wanted something that could alter/improve a while bunch of creatures/wildlife in one go, rather than having to install 10 different mods. Enter Fluffworks, absolutely incredible mod that makes animals “fluffier”, although it’s kinda buggy in VR it’s amazing and does the job so well.

3D Casting FX: Makes your hand spells look way cooler than vanilla and pairs excellently with Voltage and Ultra HD Fire Effects.

World and Objects Visual Overhauls:

There are a lot of parts that make up this graphical overhaul for the game, so I’m going to try to get as many of them mentioned as I can.

Staples like SMIM are there in the background to add as a base for the meshes for objects and clutter, Skyland AIO was used as a base for the landscape and architecture textures. I normally use Noble as base so this was a welcome change.

The biggest factor however was adding Skurkbro’s Nextgen Texture Overhaul on top which is a HUGE file 12gb in size but covers nearly every large scale world texture in the game and looks incredible, without any performance hit. It’s still a WIP and there are some broken bits here and there, the file size alone means that this is being presented as an optional download, but I can say without a doubt that it is worth it.

For the grass I’m using Grass Field Plus recololoured but I’ve redone all the colours for the grasses to better suit this collection and be presentable without an enb. Amazing grass mod that adds the densest grass I’ve seen without a hint of performance hit, it really is a wonderful addition to the collection.

Eek’s Renthal Flowers overhauls all of the plants and brings them up to today’s standards, getting rid of those ugly and flat plants littering the ground before. Remove Useless Plants and Insignificant Object Remover help to clean up the plants even further to leave you with nothing but beautiful terrain in every direction.

I picked Simplicity of Snow over Better Dynamic Snow simply because it just works. No extra patches to search for, you just load it up and away you go. It works perfectly fine with my Collection and I honestly can’t say enough how extremely helpful it is having a mod that doesn’t have extra patch requirements.

For farmhouses I’ve actually used Better Farmhouse Wood, which for me looks much much better overall than the usual grey and dull feel you get from most farmhouses. I’d love to get that a bit more colourful and brown but that can be at a later date.

Finally, I’m using Blubbo’s tree replaces for all of the trees and it looks fantastic. Seriously, it introduces trees of different shapes and sizes and even thought it’s also still a WIP the final result is breathtaking. There’s also Blubbo’s Whiterun and Markath which add to the atmosphere of these 2 cities beautifully and even though you will get a performance hit in Whiterun it is well worth it.

In terms of lighting I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, going for Relighting Skyrim mixed with Visibility -giving the exteriors and interiors of Skyrim an overall improvement in lighting and atmosphere. I’m keeping the weather mods optional as I’m actually going to stick with Vanilla but would definitely recommend Wander if I had to pick one. If your ever just want to stroll you can enable it, load up the game, pick a direction and just explore.

Ethereal Clouds for the clouds helps to enhance the experience. SkyVRaan makes the water absolutely beautiful, and I’ve gone with the fantasy setting so the water can help match the saturated world I’ve chosen to present, DynDoLOD is a requirement as it helps to hold everything together and makes vast distances and the views from mountaintop absolutely stunning.

When it comes to objects and clutter there are too many to mention, but things like all of the 3D models should be a staple. Finally, I’ve gone with Imaginator since we aren’t using reshade or enb in this collection.


I’m sure there are some here that I’ve forgotten to mention but each and every mod in this collection is stunning and special and help to bring the mood and quality of the world of Skyrim that I have tried to capture in this collection.

So that’s the aim. Something feature packed that average Joe VR Gamer with a medium tier system can download, install and play without the hassles of months and months of testing, tweaking, failing and starting all over again from scratch -but I need YOU to help me test this. While I’ve managed to get this list together and running quite well on my system with some performance to spare I’m incredibly curious to see how it performs on a larger scale and wider range of systems. You can also help by pointing out bugs or inconsistencies, when mods don’t play nice together or when stuff just plain old f**ks up. Even dropping a comment to say “Hey this is awesome and works great!” or “Hey, this is terrible and runs like poo I hate you” -it all goes a long way to making this collection a better finished product. The only thing it costs you is time downloading this and testing it out -but if you’re still here and haven’t clicked download yet wtf are you doing?

Finally, I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful mod authors past and present whose content makes up this collection -whether your mod is a huge overhaul gigabytes in size or a tiny tweak that helped to improve performance -thank you, you’re amazing, I appreciate you please don’t ever stop making mods if this is what you love until the day you don’t love it anymore and even if you do leave you’re still incredible. I love you all and everyone should be giving you their first born. To anyone who stumbles across this and downloads it, thank you for taking the time to test this collection out and please please leave your feedback. Positive or negative your time is greatly appreciated.


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