Skyrim VR Chocolates Collection Install Guide

Download links below or get the complete collection

Chocolates VR Gameplay & Immersion Collection

Chocolates NPC VR Collection

Chocolates Visual and Audio VR Collection

Chocolates VR Complete Collection

Pretty simple, choose the collection you want to try out, follow the steps, download, install, deploy!

Below is a breakdown of what needs to be done.


  1. Install OpenComposite (Oculus Users only):

Navigate to the above webpage and download either the launcher version or DLL version.

Both have instructions on the main page, I personally went with the 64-bit DLL version.

The below are part of phase 0 in the bundle and should open to their respective websites for you to begin the install process outlined below. If they don’t please let me know.

Instructions for this are available on the nexusmods page,

basically download from the first link above, extract the folder and copy the contents into your Skyrim Directory

Version 1.2.1 is the latest, download the zip and drag it into your vortex > mods dropbox location

Take your time and follow the instructions and this will be fine.

  • Once done Realm of Lorkhan will install and this will complete Phase 0, with Phase 1 being the remaining VR Immersion/Gameplay mods to complete the collection.

Congratulations! Fire up the game and have a blast, or take a look at the other collections available that have been put together.

Installing the Required Tools

Above picture shows a good representation of what your dashboard should look like once you have all the tools required for this Collection.

The following tools are required for my other collections, or all are needed if you install the Complete Collection.

Installing them should not be difficult, follow the instructions on each Nexusmod page, and then you add them with the “Add Tool” button on your Vortex Dashboard -I will update this guide to include installation instructions if it’s needed, at a later date. Now, let’s go through the tools and settings

Chocolates NPC VR Collection

For this you will need to install and configure Bodyslide & FNIS.

Bodyslide – Simple to set up, just load it up from your dashboard, absolute most basic thing you can do to make sure that physics are applied to all of the bodies is to change Outfit/Body to CBBE Physics, Preset to the preset of your choice, and apply that to all the bodies/outfits. Now this is super simplified, it makes all female bodies have the exact same proportions so should only be used if you don’t want to fiddle/learn the ins and outs of the tools and would rather just have all the jigglies….well jiggle. Just do as below, change Outfit/Body to CBBE Physics. Change Preset to whatever you like, tick the tickbox circled in blue then click “Batch Build”. Close and exit the tool when done.

FNIS -Another powerful tool that’s simple to use. Load it up and follow the image below

Tick the first 2 boxes as circled in blue then click “Update FNIS Behaviour”. We’re not using any mods that relate to the other boxes so we don’t need to worry. Installing Creatures is optional.

Upon completion it should look like this

Click Exit and you’re done.

Chocolates Visual and Audio VR Collection

xLodGEN, TexGen, DynDoLOD – I’ve included these files already, you don’t need to generate anything, but if you want to try it out please visit the official DynDoLOD website/guides as they have an incredible amount of useful information that will help you better understand how this all works.

The generated files are just basic “Medium” settings, nothing extra or fancy.

SkyVRaan requires Synthesis to work properly, and although it can be daunting to start, it’s actually quite simple once you’ve installed and added it as a tool. We’re also only using it for SkyVRaan so setup is just as easy. Before running Synthesis make sure you deploy your mods. Load up Synthesis and click “Group”

Next Click “Git Repository” (next to Group button)

In the search bar type in Skyvraan, then click the 2 patchers that come up

Then click the + button “Add Patcher”

Go back into Repository and repeat to add the other patcher.

Pick “Latest” for both of the patchers then click “Run”

Once completed you can close Synthesis

Remember, if you install Chocolates VR Complete Collection you need to install and run all of these tools.

Ini Tweaks

These are included in the collections but I’ve also outlined below for reference.





































uExterior Cell Buffer=36










Creating a textfile to load console commands Imaginator MCM Settings

These are the last steps in the process, and all it does is change the weather to sunny when you start the game, and pushes back the fog in the world so that everything in front of you is much clearer.


setfog 10000,80000

Goto then right click and “Save link as”, paste into your Skyrim VR folder. Once in-game open console with the tilde(~) key then type “bat choco”.

Imaginator + Imaginator MCM settings as follows:


Blue 4

Cyan 3

Green 5

Magenta 2

Orange 3

Red 2

Yellow 1

Optional in Preset:

Saturation 15

Brightness 12

Don’t forget to turn on/tweak your other VR mods in the MCM menu!, Conduit, VRIK, Weapon Throw, Spellsiphon, and more

Collection Highlights

Alternate Start – Realm of Lorkhan -I absolutely love this mod. It gives you such a great way to start and gear up your character on creation and the fast travel crystals are wonderful for testing and gameplay. A must-have.

HIGGS & VRIK -the main staples of every VR modlist, 2 of the most popular mods that add so much more to the game, you really can’t play without these.

A whole host of other VR essentials like Weapon Throw, Be Seated, Locational Damage, Navigate VR, Spellsiphon, Magic Improvements and more. Everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of Skyrim VR!

All of the background stuff is included or has website/download links: -SKSE, SKYUI, Papyrus, USSEP & VR Patch, SPID, VR Address Library, VRTools, I’m surely missing some in this description, but everything you need to get this and my other collections running is all included here.

The amazing and incredible NPC Overhauls by PoeticAnt44 -Pride of Skyrim & Courageous Women of Skyrim -for all of the NPC’s in the game, both males and females covered while keeping them lore-friendly and true to their original design!

Eekie’s Enhanced NPC’s which also brings a unique flavour to NPC’s and fits the world incredibly well

Lynly Star-Sung Renewal by Dovahkiinathay -wonderful NPC mod that also turns this NPC into a follower

Bijin Skin for females, Tempered Skin for males

Realistic Children Overhaul to keep the children of Skyrim to the same quality standard of all the other NPC’s

Real Wildlife, FLUFFWORKS!

Includes CBBE,CBPC,XP32 Skeleton, RaceMenu VR

Includes FNIS for idle animations, Dynamic Animation Replacer and Gesture Animation Remix to breathe more life into NPC’s and conversations.

High Poly Head and Expressive Facegen for more detailed faces and more believable facial animations.

KSHairdos, Apache Sky Hair, Eyes of Beauty, Koralina’s Eyebrows, Beards from Hvergelmir

Nether’s Follower Framework

Cathedral Armory, Elsopa’s Shields of Glory, LeanWolf’s Believable Weapons & Armor, RUSTIC Clothing

Visual – I’ve used Skyland AIO as the base for the landscapes and architecture as it provides all of the essentials you could want in an overhaul with great textures that give the game a cleaner look while trying to stay lore-friendly. There is an optional download (which I highly recommend if you can handle the download, 12gb) called Skurkbro’s NextGen Textures -this is quite easily my favourite overhaul mod. This Revision still contains the full version for testing purposes, but there was recently an update that breaks this down into parts. Again, highly recommended as the textures are mostly what you see in the screenshots. Alternative to Skyland would be the great Noble Collection, I went with Skyland to try something different and enjoy what it brings as a base mod.

Blubbo DE’s trees -Another incredible tree mod/replacer that give the trees some diversity, technically still WIP but it makes the forests and lands look absolutely incredible. A must-have if you can take the small performance hit. Otherwise great performance-friendly alternatives would be EVT or Happy Little Trees

Grass Field Plus – Recoloured version -Easily the most performance-friendly grass mod I’ve used in Skyrim VR, with thick dense grass to boot. This mod traditionally requires an ENB to fix the lighting/brightness on the grass but the incredibly talented author Shizof was gracious enough to allow me to bundle my own personal texture recolours I made for this mod that increase the brightness, no ENB required! There are two versions of my re-colours, Yellow Tundra Grass + Red Forest Grass (default install), or Red Tundra Grass + Yellow Forest Grass (optional install, my personal favourite but obviously not very lore friendly!). NOTE: I have not included Shizof’s seamless terrain LOD/xLodgen version as they will not blend well with my re-colours, I do plan on working on those at some point in the future to make them all blend together. Origins of Forest pairs pretty well with this if you have extra performance headroom to spare, although it does come out a bit unsaturated compared to my recoloured grasses. Another performance-friendly alternative is 3D Pine Grass.

Imaginator + Imaginator MCM: Allows you to change the saturation, brightness and contrast without requiring Reshade or ENB, and also has an unnoticeable performance hit. This is my go-to as I wanted my Skyrim to be a saturated high-fantasy experience.

Insignificant Object Remover & Remove Useless Plants both help to get rid of the yucky shrubs and ferns, making the land a bit cleaner and giving performance a little boost as well. eFPS and SMIM Lite also provide some performance.

Waterplants and Eek’s Renthal Floral Collection help to round out the plant-life and brings more colour into the world

xLodgen, TexGEN, DyndoLOD round out the visual enhancements and are a necessary requirement to this collection -I’ve included the generated output files that work with this collection so you don’t have to worry about generating anything if you’re just using this collection. If not you will have to generate as Blubbo DE’s trees do not have billboards and will have vanilla tree LOD’s without it.

Lighting is taken care of by the wonderful Relighting Skyrim mod -lightweight and effective. Optional alternatives that I’ve tested are Realistic Lighting Overhaul and ELFX/ELFX Shadows.

SkyVRaan is also included in this collection, which means Synthesis is required and should be the last thing in your load order and always run after you change something with your load order

Audio has been given just as much attention with a large range of overhauls. Binaural 3D sound, Celtic Music to change up the background soundtrack, Bandit Lines Expansion to give the Bandits more personality, Sounds of Skyrim because it just makes everything sound so much better, and more!

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